New Global Brand and Design Concept

11 March 2019

INAX, which manufactures innovative sanitary ware and artistic tiles, is today known for its sophisticated designs and purposeful technology. Since it fired up its first kilns in the 1920s, the brand has been at the heart of shaping bathrooms in Japan, including the creation of revolutionary technologies such as Japan’s first shower toilet.

Now, for the first time, INAX will present its new global brand and design concept before its products enter production. Following the event, INAX will launch in Asia.

Milan Design Week 2019 Special Website

INAX will introduce a new bathroom experience that embodies Japan and what it stands for; its culture, traditions, and the everyday rituals of water the people of Japan go through to purify and transform themselves. The look and feel of its new designs and the latest technology that enables people to live healthily and comfortably can be seen firsthand at the exhibition in the heart of Milan. Updates on the event will also be shared on INAX’s social channels.


New design concepts reflecting Japanese culture, as well as an array of artistic tiles related to INAX’s history will also be on display

Revealing the Essence of Japan in Milan

The exhibition, held during Milan Design Week 2019, will include displays of new bathroom designs and upcoming product lines, from baths to toilets, wash basins, faucets and decorative yet functional tiles. In addition, INAX will also showcase a range of ceramics, including an elegant blue and white pottery toilet from the Meiji era (1868 -1912) as well as artistic tiles.

  • INAX presents "The Rituals of Water" in Milan
    Unveiling its New Identity to the World
  • Date: SuperDesign Show, April 9-14 2019
  • Venue: SuperStudio

INAX's Story

INAX’s story begins close to one hundred years ago, when its founders were commissioned to efficiently produce decorative tiles for the Imperial Palace Hotel (Tokyo), designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Through repeated trial and error, the founders of INAX learned the intricate art of mastering the properties of clay and fire, succeeding in producing ceramics with meticulous accuracy and quality–no mean feat.

It was then that the brand began to help shape the modernization of Japan’s bathrooms. Seeking to improve how people live, the brand rolled out new revolutionary technology, including Japan’s first commercial shower toilet, iconic and known worldwide.

Today, INAX is part of LIXIL’s global bathroom brand portfolio, including GROHE, American Standard, DXV and Jaxson.

About INAX

INAX is a Japanese brand that manufactures innovative sanitary ware and artistic ceramic tiles. The history of INAX can be traced back over 100 years when our forefathers worked on producing the tiles for the second main building of the Imperial Hotel designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. By determining the properties of clay and the impact of fire, through numerous trials, we succeeded in the large-scale production of decorative tiles, which became the foundation of INAX. Since then, we have continuously pursued to deliver products for new and better living, engaging in challenging innovations including the first made in-Japan shower toilet, self-powered hands-free faucet, and interior tiles that freshen the air in the room. Meanwhile, we cultivated our skills to produce tiles that offer sophisticated expressions through delicate coloring and texture, gaining inspirations from Japanese tradition, culture, and the seasonal changes of nature. INAX creates beautiful, innovative bathrooms from Japan that make everyday life easier, healthier and more enjoyable, enabling everyone to live well.

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