Japanese architectural practices have created spaces of unparalleled beauty through the masterful use of the light and shadows.

Mystical rays of light penetrate through small windows, forming different shades and shadows on the floor, walls, and products. This creates a sense of serenity, of utter relaxation an unembellished yet thoroughly elegant space. Only by carefully designing the use of light can the combination of architecture and products, from tiles to toilets, create such an atmosphere. The S400 LINE by INAX introduces this feature to your bathroom space allowing you to recharge and spend a moment of reflection.

design values

The S400 LINE has been developed based on the INAX Brand Design Values. Essence pursues the essential values of the product. Sophistication ensures functionality as well as attractiveness when integrated with architecture.

And thoughtfulness enables a considered design that reflects the Japanese sensibility of being caring to others. Through these three perspectives, INAX offers a design value which is uniquely different from typical designs.


The side of the product facing the user and areas where the user may touch is shaped with an approachable, soft curve—the “human line”—while the straight “architecture line” is used on the side that faces the wall to fit well with the architecture.


Adopting a straight line for the side facing the architecture eliminates unnecessary gaps, making the area look spacious.


The functions are designed to allow for intuitive use.